A message of hope 2012…

One day,

Youngsters will learn words they will not understand,

Children from India will ask: “What is hunger?”

Children from Alabama will ask: “What is racial segregation?”

Children from Hiroshima will ask: “What is the atomic bomb?”

Children at school will ask: “What is war?”

You will answer them, you will tell them:”Those are words not used any more,

Like ‘stage-coaches’, ‘galleys’ or ‘slavery’,

Words no longer meaningful,

That is why they have been removed from dictionaries.”

Martin Luther King

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4 Comments on “A message of hope 2012…”

  1. Florina Says:

    şi ultima pe listă, Ilici, cu voia Domnului care va da înţelepciune şi putere de muncă celor din justiţie, va fi un număr.

    La mulţi ani şi Doamne ajută!

  2. christopher Says:

    kisses for u!

  3. christopher Says:

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